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Missing Daybreak is...

... the creative outlet of a song writing/performing trio from Central Ohio. Drawing on an extensive and diverse background in music and performing, the "Ohio 3" pushes past the realm of conventional to surround their audience with a musical experience that is unlike any other.

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    A lifelong adoration of music led the members of Missing Daybreak to compose their own collection of songs to feature along with an expansive repetoire of music by other artists. Seamlessly integrated into their performances, it's difficult to tell which tunes are originals and which have been around for years.

    Missing Daybreak incorporates many different genres of music to showcase the talents and musical interests of it's members. Blending aspects of classical and bluegrass, classic rock and pop, latin and gospel, the sound of Missing Daybreak is unlikely to be duplicated or forgotten.

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"If you want to be like me,
be careful what you ask.
It's not what you think it is,
don't make your choice too fast."
- Be Like Me

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    Guitar, Vocals

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    Bass, Vocals

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    Percussion, Keys

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